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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Travelling with your pet to Turkey

A pet, we all know them, small and large. Many of us see their pet as a part of the family.
Mainly when we talk about a cat or a dog we often name their character traits as if we are talking about a human being. Precisely for this reason it is hard to say ‘’goodbye’’ during a holiday period. If there is a good temporary stay found with family, friends or at a kennel, most of us can do without them for 1 or 2 weeks.  But if the stay abroad is for a longer period of time, it becomes a different story and taking your pet with you to your vacation destiny is the best solution.

But the best solution is not always the simplest solution. Good preparation is half the battle, especially when it concerns traveling with pets. To help you a little bit, we have put the key points for you at a glance:

  • First it is important to ensure that your pet is examined by a qualified veterinarian. The vet provides the pet with all necessary vaccinations, health certificates and a pet passport. At the moment it is not necessary for Turkey that you pet has a microchip, but that may well change in the future.
  • The veterinarian must have seen / examined the pet up to 96 hours for transport for the last time.
  • All papers, passport, health certificates and vaccinations should be seen and stamped by the department of agriculture in the country of departure. 
  • Your veterinarian can tell you exactly which vaccinations are needed. Keep in mind that the vaccinations are not older than 6 months before departure and are provided at the latest 15 days before departure.
  • Importing ‘’dangerous’’ breeds like Pit-bull Terrier and Japanese Tosa is prohibited.
  • It is possible for one person to carry up to one cat, one dog, one bird or 10 aquarium fish, without additional charges. When you want to enter multiple animals it is seen as commercial imports and there are other procedures apply. 
  • When the animal is healthy and has the necessary papers, the animal upon arrival in Turkey does not need to be put in quarantine.
  • Most airlines have their own animal transport policy. Please ask before you book to avoid disappointment.

Safe flight for you and your loyal friend!

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