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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Selling or buying a holiday property during the Corona-lockdown

It seems that the demand for an independent holiday property, preferably with a private pool, is increasing. Now days this is not a strange development, due to the fact that the humanity has to endure an unprecedented lockdown period. You have to keep your social distance and  attending events, traveling or going out is not longer possible. The best and safe way is to stay home as much as possible. But how do you keep that up for a few months or maybe longer?

During this period  investing in a small holiday apartment, chalet or bungalow with its own space, not such a bad consideration. In fact, if you have the opportunity, it is advisable  to buy as soon as possible, before the property market prices will rice. 
Or suppose you want to sell your holiday property in Turkey to invest in a holiday bungalow in your own country or to bridge the loss of income during this period. Renting is of course also an option. You can contact us for all your business and private matters, whether it concerns buying or selling, or renting in Turkey.
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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Protection of personal data in Turkey

When we look at the world history, humanity previously had to deal with epidemic diseases. These were finally overcome. It will not go without a struggle, but the good times will come. It is important that we stay focused on the things that will happen when everyone goes back to work.

This article is about the latest developments regarding the Turkish Personal Data Protection Act. This Law has been in force for some time. The purpose of the Act is to set clear rules for administrators who process individual personal data. To get a clear picture of those who process individual personal data, the government requires them to register in a national registration system.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

The workplaces under Corona

Unfortunately, it is a fact that the world is facing a large-scale pandemic. It's an unknown virus, the SARS-CoV-2, also known as the Corona virus, which spreads very quickly from human to human and even from matter to human. Besides the treatment and control of this virus, every country is working to stop or delay the spreading of the virus. The Turkish government also imposed the necessary measures and advised everyone as far as possible to stay at home. Some companies such as restaurants, hairdressing salons, sports and entertainment places were obliged to close the doors. But what about the companies that are not obliged? Of course, human health comes first. But what does this mean for the workplace in long term? What measures can the employer take? Is the employer obliged to continue to pay the salary? Can the employer expect support from the government? What does the governments financial support involve?