Lawyer in Turkey: August 2012

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Minimum wage Turkey 2012 (2nd period)

Minimum wage adjustment for 2012, 2nd period (1 July 2012 - 31 December 2012).

The amounts for the statutory minimum wage has been adjusted on 1 July 2012

For payments of wages you have to care of the amounts shown in the table below. The rates for staff of apartment buildings in Turkey are distributed differently. Keep this in mind.

To avoid future problems with taxes we recommend you to pay the wages as mentioned below. Try always to pay the wages as mentioned below by bank. If you do your payments in cash then let your personnel undersign the monthly wage paper (inform you bookkeeper).

16 years and older
Apartment personnel (kapıcı)
Gross salary
940,50 TL
940,50 TL
Social insurance employee
131,67 TL
131,67 TL
Unemployment insurance contribution employee
9,40 TL
9,40 TL
Income tax base
799,43 TL
799,43 TL
Income tax
53,42 TL
Stamp tax
6,21 TL
Total disposables
200,70 TL
141,07 TL
Net Salary
673,30 TL
799,43 TL
Cost of living allowance (aig)
(Single and no children)
66,49 TL

NET SALARY (incl aig)
739,80 TL

Total cost for employer
1095,68 TL
1095,68 TL

Monday, August 27, 2012

With a Turkish license plate on vacation abroad

Do you have a car with a Turkish license plate and would you like go on vacation abroad, for example the Netherlands, the first question that comes in mind is which documents would be necessary to cross the borders. 

The documents that are necessary when leaving the Turkish customs with a Turkish licensed car are the following:

  • Ownership papers (Ruhsat)
  • Greencard (an insurance package for coverage abroad)
You can request this card at the Turkish customs. For this you need a Liability insurance polis (Zorunlu tarfik Sigortası), the ownership papers and your personal tax number.

  • International title deed (Uluslararası Taşıt Belgesi)
A Turkish title deed of a vehicle is only made up in Turkish. When you want to travel abroad you will also need an international title deed to proof that the vehicle is your own. This can be requested by the nearest Turing office (Türkiye Turning ve Otomobil Kurumu, this is a well-known road patrol office in Turkey). You can find the Turing offices at this website

  • An internationally valid driving license (Uluslararası Sürücü Ehliyeti)
In case you have a Turkish driving license, you have to request an international driving license at the Turing offices mentioned above.

  • A Triptik for crossing borders (Gümrük Geçiş Karnesi)
You can get a TripTik at the Turkish customs. This is a document which contents information about the ownership of the vehicle and what the specifications are of the vehicle.

Foreigners, who travel with a Turkish licensed car to their own country, be alert!
Be aware that a foreigner who is registered in their own country can not use a vehicle with a foreign license (turkish license) plate without paying tax for this vehicle. Inform in you own country for the possibilities and periods.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Working Permit for an indefinite period of Time

When you as a foreigner would like to work in Turkey, you will need to request a working permit by the Turkish Embassy or the Turkish consulate in your home country. Your employer needs to send the necessary documents to the Ministry of Labour and Social Security. Foreigners who are in Turkey with a tourist visa can not apply for a working permit.

In general a working permit has a duration of 1 year. In case you need an extension of your permit, this needs to be done in the defined period of time (rule in 2012: 2,5 months before expiration date).

After extension the working permit will be effective for 2 years. A potential second extension will be valid for 3 years. When you have lived and worked in Turkey for a full and constant period of 8 years, you will be able to request a working permit for an indefinite period of time. Your previous working permit does not need to be extended. You only have to make sure you request your indefinite permit well on time by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security in Ankara.

If there is not a bilateral or multilateral agreement between Turkey and another country stating otherwise, a foreigner who has lived for a legal and constant period of 8 years or has worked for at least 6 years in Turkey, is able to extend his working permit for an indefinite period of time. This permit will not be bound to a project, profession or geographical area.

The condition that you have to have lived in Turkey for a legal and constant period of 8 years must be proven with previous residence permits and papers from the aliens police. During your request for a working permit for an indefinite period you have to produce these records to the Ministry of Labour and Social security. When the residence permit is extended, the working permit will also not be valid anymore. So, in case you have a working permit for a indefinite period of time and your residence permit expires, you will be obliged to report this to the local alien police.