Lawyer in Turkey: September 2019

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Compulsory Electronic Mailing Address for your Turkish Enterprise

Turkey is rapidly switching to the electronic or digital age. To this end, the Turkish government has recently taken a new step within the scope of the Notification Act. This is a regulation that has been in force since 1 January 2019, whereby certain target groups are required to be in possession of an electronic mailing address (electronic notification), the so-called 'E-tebligat adresi'.

Under the new regulation, public authorities as well as  private companies and sole traders are required to be in possession of an electronic mailing address in order to be able to make all official notifications at this electronic address. This address is issued on request by the local post offices. Although the mandatory deadline for private companies and sole traders  was set for January 31, 2019, this date has been moved to a date yet to be determined. The expansion of the exchange of information between the post office and the Ministry of Commerce is causing the necessary delay.

The electronic mailing address is intended to receive digitally all official notifications from government agencies such as, the courts, the tax authorities, the notaries, the Chamber of Commerce and similar bodies. The purpose of this application is to simplify or speed up the service of official documents to private legal entities and thereby reduce the workload in the public services such as the court and the post office.

If you own or related to a company or enterprise in Turkey, contact your accountant or bookkeeper on time to be sure that he or she has already requested the electronic mail address.

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