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Thursday, March 19, 2015

The basic principles of Divorce in Turkey

People get married not to divorce but if for whatever reason you do not wish to continue your marriage, love is the last thing you have in mind.

Although every marriage has its own details the main elements of a divorce remain the same. These are custody, alimony, separation of marital property and compensation if you have the conditions.

Whether if a settlement are negotiable or not depends on the requirements and conditions of the partners. And if you decide to separate, with or without a settlement, a marriage must be dissolved through a court proceeding. The Turkish court ultimately assesses whether the terms of the settlement, the basic rights of the parties and eventually of the children have been guaranteed sufficiently according to the norms and values of Turkey besides the written law.

During a divorce procedure, the following issues are assessed;

1. Are there minor children?

  • If so, who claims the custody and what will be the child alimony
2. Is there a visitation arrangement made for and with the child / children?
3. Requires of maintenance alimony?
4. Claim of material damages?
5. Claim of immaterial damages for suffered emotional harm?
6. Are their common matrimonial goods?

  • If yes, is there a mutual settlement between the parties about it,
  • If not, the market value of the common matrimonial will be taken into account for the final adjudication.
If you are currently entangled in divorce and you answered yes to more than one of the above points? Then it is advisable to hire a lawyer who can support and consult you throughout your process.

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