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Friday, February 13, 2015

Recent changes residence permit Turkey

According to the latest regulatory changes, if one is in possession of a ikamet (residence permit) should not stay longer than 120 days outside of Turkey. It involves a total of 120 days stay outside Turkey in recent years.

If you have left Turkey for more than 120 days, your ikamet permit will be cancelled. On your next travel to Turkey, you need to buy a tourist visa.
If you have a five-year ikamet the same rules will be applied as for residence permits for 1-year.

After obtaining you visa you can apply for a new residence permit.

Be Aware!
The tourist visa; the 180/90 day rule is maintained.
If you want to stay longer in Turkey, then you must apply for an ikamet.

Please plan your residence period well to select the cheapest option for you. It would be a shame to make unnecessarily costs.

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