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Monday, August 27, 2012

With a Turkish license plate on vacation abroad

Do you have a car with a Turkish license plate and would you like go on vacation abroad, for example the Netherlands, the first question that comes in mind is which documents would be necessary to cross the borders. 

The documents that are necessary when leaving the Turkish customs with a Turkish licensed car are the following:

  • Ownership papers (Ruhsat)
  • Greencard (an insurance package for coverage abroad)
You can request this card at the Turkish customs. For this you need a Liability insurance polis (Zorunlu tarfik Sigortası), the ownership papers and your personal tax number.

  • International title deed (Uluslararası Taşıt Belgesi)
A Turkish title deed of a vehicle is only made up in Turkish. When you want to travel abroad you will also need an international title deed to proof that the vehicle is your own. This can be requested by the nearest Turing office (Türkiye Turning ve Otomobil Kurumu, this is a well-known road patrol office in Turkey). You can find the Turing offices at this website

  • An internationally valid driving license (Uluslararası Sürücü Ehliyeti)
In case you have a Turkish driving license, you have to request an international driving license at the Turing offices mentioned above.

  • A Triptik for crossing borders (Gümrük Geçiş Karnesi)
You can get a TripTik at the Turkish customs. This is a document which contents information about the ownership of the vehicle and what the specifications are of the vehicle.

Foreigners, who travel with a Turkish licensed car to their own country, be alert!
Be aware that a foreigner who is registered in their own country can not use a vehicle with a foreign license (turkish license) plate without paying tax for this vehicle. Inform in you own country for the possibilities and periods.

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