Lawyer in Turkey: Minimum wage Turkey 2012 (2nd period)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Minimum wage Turkey 2012 (2nd period)

Minimum wage adjustment for 2012, 2nd period (1 July 2012 - 31 December 2012).

The amounts for the statutory minimum wage has been adjusted on 1 July 2012

For payments of wages you have to care of the amounts shown in the table below. The rates for staff of apartment buildings in Turkey are distributed differently. Keep this in mind.

To avoid future problems with taxes we recommend you to pay the wages as mentioned below. Try always to pay the wages as mentioned below by bank. If you do your payments in cash then let your personnel undersign the monthly wage paper (inform you bookkeeper).

16 years and older
Apartment personnel (kapıcı)
Gross salary
940,50 TL
940,50 TL
Social insurance employee
131,67 TL
131,67 TL
Unemployment insurance contribution employee
9,40 TL
9,40 TL
Income tax base
799,43 TL
799,43 TL
Income tax
53,42 TL
Stamp tax
6,21 TL
Total disposables
200,70 TL
141,07 TL
Net Salary
673,30 TL
799,43 TL
Cost of living allowance (aig)
(Single and no children)
66,49 TL

NET SALARY (incl aig)
739,80 TL

Total cost for employer
1095,68 TL
1095,68 TL

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