Lawyer in Turkey: VAT Tax benefit on Property Acquisition

Friday, February 24, 2017

VAT Tax benefit on Property Acquisition

Turkey is in a investment turbulence. Turkey is still an attractive country for investors.

Turkey offers a number of interesting options for those wishing to relocate their business or personal affairs to a safe, warm and friendly country. The Turkish government strives to add to Turkey’s natural and innate attractiveness by creating programs and incentives designed for high net worth individuals and businesses.

Today we see two important developments which could be very attractieve for foregin investors.

  • The Housing prices drop up to 30-50%  in value.  
  • The legislation for VAT is adapted and foreign investors can buy real estates in Turkey, without VAT.

Is Turkey safe for Tourists, is of course a question that some of you are asking. Due to our previous experiences; the rural beauty and attractive living environment of Turkey, you might as well know that it is not such a bad idea to invest well right now.

Prices in the housing market drop up considerably. New buildings are waiting for new owners. The Euro currency is quite high in value.

The expected investment return, is at least 30% within 3 years. With 16 years experience, we can only emphasize that the current market conditions and outlook losing only has to win the investor nothing.

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