Lawyer in Turkey: Minimum Wages Turkey 2013 (2nd period)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Minimum Wages Turkey 2013 (2nd period)

The Turkish Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, has announced the minimum wage for 2013, the 1st period of 2013, (1st January 2013 - 30 June 2013).

Every year on the 1st of  January and the 1st of  July the government announces the new wages for the next coming 6 months.

Structure minimum salary
The statutory minimum wage is based on the gross salary for normal working hours, without overtime. You receive this wage on the agreed payment period, f.e. weekly, monthly or every 4 weeks. The gross salary may consist of:
  • the (basic) salary in your employment contract has been agreed;
  • the allowances for performance, shifts, irregular hours, standby duty and working conditions;
  • the fixed bonus for the sales you make any payment and you will receive;
  • the rewards of third parties caused by the work.

The total of these amounts shall not be less than the minimum wage.

Pay slip
To avoid problems in the future with the tax authorities, es we recommend to pay the wages exactly as mentioned on the pay slip. If you pay in cash, let your staff monthly sign the pay slip (your accountant will create the slip monthly).

Apartments staff
The legislation distinguishes apartments staff. There are more than 200,000 people who are registered as apartment staff (kapıcı). The government has made ​​an exception for this group allowing an exemption from income tax (gelir vergisi) and withholding tax (withholding tax). The exemption creates a higher net income. The total cost to the employer will remain the same.

(Period 01.07.2013-31.12.2013)
16 years and older
Apartment personnel (kapıcı)
Gross salary
1021,50 TL
1021,50 TL
Social insurance employee
143,01 TL
143,01 TL
Unemployment insurance contribution employee
10,22 TL
10,22 TL
Income tax
56,84 TL
Cost of living allowance (aig)
(Single and no children)
73,40 TL
Stamp tax
6,74 TL
Total deductions
216,81 TL
153,23 TL
NET SALARY (incl aig)
804,69 TL
868,27 TL
Total cost for employer
1.190,05 TL
1.190,05 TL

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